Despite to his 500 years old history during the last 50 years the vineyard was no longer cultivated and just when we bought the estate in 1998 we decided  to resume the tradition of wine making in Podere Fortuna. After years of climate and soil studies we made the choice  to plant mainly Pinot Noir, which is the main grape variety for the great red wines from Burgundy and is regarded as one of the world’s noblest but challenging of grape varieties. We started planting in 2001 with grapes selected by Pierre Marie Guillaume, whom is based in Burgundy and we planted them at 7,142 vines per hectare. Today Podere Fortuna has two vineyards with their ancient names of Fortuni and Coldaia planted with 31.500 Pinot Noir vines and 1.500 Chardonnay vines (in a parcel of Coldaia called Greto alla Macchia).


We take care of the vineyards following an environmentally friendly way with the goal to have perfect grapes every years but with a long term view. We don’t use any chemical to control grass growing and the treatments to control fungal diseases  if needed are done with low impact products. We believe that the great care of the vineyards is essential when working with so challenging vines and is the only way to maintain the finest quality of wines in different vintages. Pruning as well as shoots selection is done by hand, with a focus on obtaining the best canopy possible, optimal for the vine’s growth and grape ripening.